Datagrid rowupdating event

HTML CODE: C# Code Behind: private void Bind Data() protected void gv Categories_Row Editing(object sender, Grid View Edit Event Args e) protected void gv Categories_Row Updating(object sender, Grid View Update Event Args e) Hello Azam, Thanks for the prompt reply. Find Control("txt Category Description") as Text Box). Regards, Amol I am attempting to get the rowupdate event working with a gridview. Text; returns the the value of the "decription" which existed prior to typing in the new value. Thus every time I would click on Update, the data would get bound to the grid again after fetching the same data from the data base. I have a webpage that has a grid that allows select as well as edit. When I attempt to get to values in the rowupdating event I get the old values (which makes sense from your post). My question is that when I add the binding code inside If Not Page. In this case, I suggest that you handle the ASPx Grid View. To learn more about it, please see the following articles: Customize data updates using the Row Updating event Editing an in-memory dataset If you want to handle the ASPx Grid View.

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Therefore, I suggest that you handle the ASPx Grid View. Here you can use an embedded mechanism of saving and adding your own code. The Page_Row Updated page shows a solution with the Row Updated event and the Page_Row Updating page - with the Row Updating event.

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Hello Debra, As I understand it, you want to implement custom row updating.

Do not use this parameter to identify the current row. The Row Updated event occurs after the Validate Row event, which is fired before the modified row is saved to the data source.

To save the focused row to the data source, the Update Current Row method can be used.Among the fields of this object, you can find data relating to the cell whose hover state has been changed.For example, to identify whether a cell has been hovered over or hovered out, check the value of the event Type field. Data Bind() ' End Sub Hello Debra, I really don't understand what for you need the ASPx Grid View. This event is raised after data have been saved to the database, and you try to save these data again.Example: User edits row 1 and column 1, keeps by editing n columns from same row. Fire event with row 1 old content and row 1 new content.Among the fields of this object, you can find data relating to the clicked cell.